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LIHC: Launch!

[web design & development, smart phone compatibility]

It’s always fun to work with a company on their first ever web site - and even better when they give us a blank slate! We designed, built, coordinated photography (including all helicopter stunts), extensive image work and retouching, SEO, copy, smart phone/ipad… A great company, project & results! UPDATE: LIHC loved their new web site so much we’re working on their sister company’s web site right now!

SlickFish Studios - LIHC Web site design and development

Slickfish Launch: Macomber, Inc.

[web design & development]

SlickFish Studios just launched our latest project: Macomber, Inc’s new web site! Macomber is one of New England’s largest independent commercial photography studios widely known for their extensive catalog work with LLBean. They aren’t just catalog, as their portfolio shows - amazing fashion, pet, location and food photography comes from the studio as well. We are proud of this site and thoroughly enjoyed working with principal Peter Macomber and photographer George Benington (whom we’ve collaborated with in the past). Take a look and let us know what you think!

Features in this project include: Flash and XHTML hybrid web site with XML/Flash based photo galleries, and a full blown custom content management system developed with our Packawhallop business partner Jim Cradock (aka Yellahoose).